i have owned the wolf of wall street since it came out on blu ray and i haven’t even watched it yet

my fiance doesn’t want me to watch it without him but he refuses to sit his butt down and watch with me






If you or someone you know in the Royal Fandom make edits about any royals, but more specifically the Cambridges (William, Catherine, George), be aware that your edits are probably being reposted by a few select people on Tumblr to their Instagram accounts. I do not enjoy calling people out on these things normally but I know how hard you all work on your edits and would want to know where your edits end up and know that you are not getting any type of acknowledgment for making them. They have a lot of followers on their accounts which gives people an opportunity to post your edits as their own here on Tumblr without knowing because of the lack of credit.

The accounts in question are as follows:

  1. justhopeinhappiness - Her Instagram account is thecambridgespage. She is decent with telling people where pictures come from but she does post other people’s edits on there.
  2. theroyalcambridgefamily - Her Instagram account is royalcambridgefamily. This girl will re-edit your pictures then post them on both Tumblr and Instagram. She is not very nice about giving links to original edits. I guarantee that your edit will be on her accounts. She is the worst when it comes to this.
  3. I have not yet found the Tumblr account of xprincegeorgex but they are just another person who reposts edits in Instagram.

If they try to change their usernames on Instagram or on here, I will find out and update links. Please reblog this and spread word. I know you don’t want the stuff you worked on to be mistreated and given away. 

THANK YOU!!!!! The Instagram xprincegeorgex has stolen one of my edits and claimed that it came to them through a DM.


theroyalcambridgefamily steals everyone’s edits. I contacted her on instagram and told her she was taking my edits and I could tell because my watermark was clearly on the photo. And her response? “You just created your instagram. How was I supposed to know about you?”

Really? Really? The length of time I have been on instagram has zero to do with the fact that you’re ripping me off. So yeah. She’s on tumblr too with the same username so please don’t reblog her stuff.


Yup. And she will block you the second you ask her (even nicely) to either give you a credit link or to take it down. It’s a good thing she has a terrible tagging system otherwise people would reblog from her all the time. I’m glad someone else has noticed them and are calling them out on it. Someone else told me about the first one a week or two ago and she’s actually pretty nice if you ask her to give you credit but that second one is horrible if you even mention that you made something she’s reposted. ‘Oh, I got it from MY blog, not yours.’ No, you found it from someone on here then put some shitty Instagram filter on it then posted it to your account. It makes little to no difference if you watermark the hell out of your edits because she’ll post them to both her blog and Instagram anyway.

Best Sexual Pairings








(This can apply to your Mars/Venus signs as well)

"He’s kind of got a little spark…a little bit of something special…" - Joss Stone

"He’s kind of got a little spark…a little bit of something special…" - Joss Stone

Elizabeth Olsen for Marie Claire UK, June 2014

Elizabeth Olsen for Marie Claire UK, June 2014

i need kate to wear more purple

I’d fallen in love, and her name was Nina Pennington.